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The Harmony Garden Collection by artistic director, Martin Perry, follows the adventures of Lord Byron the ladybug as he travels from flower to flower.  The Peace Lily figurine by Harmony Kingdom collectibles is a wonderful example of the brilliant artistry of this collection.

Peace Lily - Harmony Kingdom HGPL Peace Lily by Harmony Kingdom Collectibles

Did you know that Lord Byron is a Ladybug who lives Harmony Garden?  This beautiful garden is filled with wonderful flowers who keep him company and take him on many adventures.  Each collectible piece has a lid that you can lift off to see Lord Byron engaged in many activities.  Inside the Peace Lily figurine, we find our favorite bug, who is both a talented muscian and incurable romantic, playing the pipe organ.  Oh what lovely sounds emanting from the Peace Lily plant!
Item # HGPL

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At one point, Harmony Kingdom artist, Martin Perry, thought that he may spend his entire life as a shepherd in North Wales.  He helped his older brother in bleak windy conditions, and met his future wife there.  Despite the bad weather, he was happy in Snowdonia but an unfortunate back injury ended his ability to herd sheep.  originally worked with his brother on a farm in Wales, and at one time believed he might spend his entire life as a shepherd.  Having to find a new direction in life, he found a job with a company that manufactured replicas for art museums.  To his great delight, he discovered he had a natural art talent within himself, and by 1989, he started professionally carving figurines with secret keepsake box-type compartments inside.  When he met Noel Wiggins, their talents and interests meshed beautifully - and thus in 1995, Harmony Kingdom collectibles were born.

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