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Welcome to Peace Lily.  We aim to be the premiere site on the internet for you to buy peace lilies online.  Whether you're looking for a perfect gift or an elegant house plant for yourself, a peace lily is an ideal choice.  Just check out some of the wonderful plants and flowers here.

Peace Lily Plant Peace Lily Plant

A peace lily plant planted in a decorative terra cotta pot.  Also known as a spathiphyllum, this attractive plant has graceful white flowers in addition to green leaves.  It thrives and will continue to flower in low light conditions.

Peace Lily in Basket Peace Lily in Basket

The peace lily is a wonderful long-lasting gift.  They make wonderful house plants too.  Exquisite white blooms arise from this exotic plant in a wicker basket.

Potted Peace Lily Potted Peace Lily

This tropical evergreen perennial plant not only tolerates the low light and dry conditions found in most homes, it actually makes the indoors healthier!  When NASA did a scientific study on 'sick building' syndrome, peace lilies were rated among the top ten air cleaning plants for interiors.  Lovely when flowering, no home should be without the peace lill's elegant lance shaped leaves and snowy blooms. The traditional styled pot has a 6" diameter, and your potted peace lily stands between 10" and 12" tall.

Peace Lily Plant in Cattleya Planter Peace Lily Plant in Cattleya Planter

This wonderful ceramic cattleya planter is carefully hand painted. , The peace lily plant is the perfect complement in color and texture.  The combination ensures that this wonderful plant will look great in any home.

Peace Lily Plant in Villa d'Este Planter Peace Lily Plant in Villa d'Este Planter

Reminiscent of the Old World, this stone planter holds the lovely symbolic peace lily.  Containing the peace lilly plant, a symbol of peace and love, serenity, forgiveness and trust, it will add a touch of sophistication to any setting.  This fabulous plant makes a great gift idea, or treat yourself and enhance your own home.

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