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Calla Lily Plants and Flowers

Here at Peace Lily we feature lilies of many different types.  As well as flower bouquets which you can see below, we also feature growing plants on this page, which you can buy online to enjoy and care for in your own home, or send as perfect gifts

The Calla lily is a not-so-common house plant which creates beautiful flowers which are normally cream-white in appearance.  In its natural state, the Calla lilly plant likes sunny to medium-shade locations.  They enjoy a moist soil, so thorough waterings are preferred if the soil surface is dry to the touch.

The best temperatures to keep a calla lily plant are around 65 to 70 degrees during the day and 55 to 60 degrees at night.  Flowering requires day temperatures of approximately 70 degrees and nights at 55 degrees.  The plant can be grown outdoors during the summer and blooms sporadically throughout the year.

Potted Calla Lily Potted Calla Lily

Loved by butterflies, spring brides and green thumbs alike, the Calla Lily is an easy-to-grow and elegant addition to your home or office.  Light green lance-shaped leaves create a perfect backdrop for the graceful soft pink and rose-colored blooms that gently rise out of a six-inch grow pot nestled inside a lined wicker basket.  Enjoy this floral delight indoors until the blossoms fade, then you can move your plant outdoors in your garden for even more enjoyment next spring.

Yellow Calla Flowers Yellow Calla Flowers

Fill someone's heart with the brightness and warmth that radiates so gracefully from these yellow Calla flowers.  (White may be substituted if yellow is unavailable).  Please allow a few days advance to locate these difficult-to-get flowers.

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